TCM Physical therapy

1. Meridian lead therapy device

The meridian guide level therapeutic apparatus uses the combination of electronic technology and microcomputer technology with the traditional Chinese medicine theory of the motherland to enable the acupuncture, massage and massage treatment of Chinese medicine to be realized in the digital display therapeutic apparatus. Its prominent feature is set by the microcomputer control parameters, and according to the different needs of treatment, rehabilitation, health care, choose different functional modes for treatment, so as to be targeted, convenient and efficient.


Bone and joint degenerative disease, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage after hemiplegia physical therapy.

2. Meridian flow injection therapy device

Meridian Stream Note, also known as “the best time acupuncture method”, is the most mysterious and magical Chinese medicine in ancient China, with remarkable curative effect and spectacular wonders. Is the use of microcomputer SCM technology, the realization of the Meridian Stream and the turtle eight methods of accurate time calculation, the use of electrode patches instead of needle, the real simulation of acupuncture techniques, conditioning the human environment, balance yin and yang, get through the meridians cure.


Knee osteoarthritis, hypertension, stroke, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, headache, dysmenorrhea, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, heel pain and the like.

3. Microwave therapeutic apparatus

Microwave therapeutic apparatus used in the microwave hyperthermia is a non-contact heating method, there is no possibility of thermal burns and electrical burns caused by electrical contact. Due to the improvement of various technologies, microwave treatment without anesthesia, can be completed in the clinic, with simple, safe features.


1) Urology: bladder cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis

2) Department of cavity: cheilitis, glossitis, polyps, periodontal disease, ulcers, periapical periodontitis, cancer.

3) Gastroenterology: gastrointestinal bleeding, burning polyp, ulcer solidification, narrow esophageal dilatation.

4) Rehabilitation physiotherapy: lumbar muscle strain, cervical spondylosis, sprains, frozen shoulder, arthritis, accelerate wound healing.

5) Gynecology: cervical erosion, polyps, uterine fibroids, mastitis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, Pasteur cyst, genital warts.

6) Dermatology: genital warts, underarm odor, hemangiomas, shingles, eczema.

7) Anorectal: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, rectal polyps, anal eczema.

8) ENT: epistaxis, chronic rhinitis, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, pharyngeal lymphoid follicles, nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis.

4.Multi-function moxibustion device

Multifunctional moxibustion device is based on the principle of traditional moxibustion, combined with modern electronic computer technology and magnetic therapy invented and designed to be warm moxibustion, warm acupuncture, moxibustion, foam moxibustion, moxibustion moxibustion operation of modern moxibustion apparatus .


1) Flu, asthma and so on

2)Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, compulsory spondylitis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and so on.

3) Gynecological diseases.

4) Stomach pain diarrhea and other digestive diseases.

5)Lose weight.

6) All cold diseases

5. Red treatment instrument

Red light therapy device is a new type of light therapy device that can be applied to hospitals and families to provide better treatment for some large area diseases. Light output is divided into strong and weak files to adapt to different physique patients. The whole machine adopts the movable floor cabinet design, the red light head can also be electrically powered to move steadily, that is, the manual red light and auto red light on the market, which greatly facilitate the medical workers.


1) Gynecology: cervicitis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, leukoplakia, genital itching, lateral infection and healing.

2) Men: prostatitis, wound healing and restorative treatment.

3) dermatology: shingles, ulcers, dermatitis, rash, bedsores and so on.

4) ENT: acute and chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis and so on.

5) Surgery: burns, trauma, infection and surgical healing.

6. IF pulse therapy device

Analgesic, promote blood circulation, exercise skeletal muscle, soften scar.

As a kind of physiotherapy, IF electrotherapy has a history of more than 100 years. IF electrotherapy plays an important role in the treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and health care and has become an indispensable part of comprehensive treatment.


1) Soft tissue, osteoarthrosis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue contusion, myositis, tenosynovitis, disuse atrophy and so on.

2) Other surgical diseases, scarring, adhesions, post-injection sclerosis, postoperative intestinal paralysis and so on.

3)Nervous system diseases, peripheral neuropathy, facial neuritis, sciatica and so on.

4) Digestive diseases, gastrointestinal tension, slow constipation and so on.

5) Other urinary tract stones, urinary retention, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

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