TCM Decoction

Traditional Chinese medicine decoction is a liquid compound dispersing system. It is the earliest and the most widely used form in China. At present, Chinese medicine is still widely used in clinic.

The reason why the decoction of Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years is because of the flexible preparation of the formulation, adapting to the needs of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, and the effect is more rapid, but most of the taste is bitter.

In order to control the quality of drugs at the source and ensure high treatment effect. Yiling pharmaceutical has built a serious of planting and breeding bases for TCM materials in different areas of China, where is the most suitable place for the growth of different types materials. All prescriptions are made of the highest quality medicinal materials.

TCM decoction has great effect on treating cancer, scleroderma, muscular atrophy, rheumatism, motor neuron disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, nephropathy, and other kinds of chronic diseases and severe cases.

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