Iteanye Le Rona - Shijiazhuang Yiling Hospital

Iteanye le rona

Hospital Yiling


Yiling Hospital, Shijiazhuang, China



Tel: +86 311 66703174

(Mosebetsi oa nako: 8:00 am-17:30pm Beijing nako)


Mantaha-Labohlano: 9am ho 6pm

Moqebelo: 10am ho 2pm

Sontaha: koetsoeng

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Dipatlisiso Ka cenik

Bakeng sa dipatlisiso ka moriana itseng le kalafo, ka kopo siea ikopanye le boitsebiso ba hao ba ho rōna 'me re tla buisana ka hare ho lihora tse 24.

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