Other cancer treatment


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU)

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a mechanical wave, no radioactive and multiple energy ultrasound. It produces a high temperature effect of 70-100 degrees at a time, which makes the lesion tissue thoroughly necrotic, so as to achieve good therapeutic effect.


1, no operation, no pain, no trauma, no toxicity, no radiation and other side effects, so as to avoid complications such as decreased immunity and hair loss.

2 has the multiple repeated treatment conditions of green no trauma, which can fully guarantee the curative effect and the curative effect is accurate.

3 after treatment, the tumor body forms the effect of the cured vaccine in the body and activates the host’s anti-tumor immunity.

High frequency thermotherapy machine

Non intervention, no trauma, regional thermotherapy; adjuvant radiotherapy, chemotherapy, sensitization and synergism; significantly alleviating cancer pain.

Hyperthermia is also a kind of green treatment. It is an effective means of increasing sensitivity and synergy for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the gospel of advanced cancer patients.

Generally speaking, when the temperature reaches above 45 degrees, the normal living tissue cells will die inactivated, while the tumor cells are more sensitive to temperature and can be inactivated at 42 degrees. Therefore, hyperthermia therapy will become a green therapy with effective side effects.

Millimeter Wave Therapy Apparatus

1 immune system uses multiple physiotherapy factors to regulate the level of immune population and control the immune network.

2 to ensure the effect of treatment to ensure the progress of chemotherapy and chemotherapy, and to improve the efficiency of treatment.

3 reduce toxic and side effects to improve the body’s immunity and reduce the toxic and side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

4 to reduce the metastasis of the lesion and to enhance the immune targeting and reduce the metastasis of tumor. Alleviate the pain of cancer and improve the quality of life. Anti-inflammatory, swelling, and promote the healing of radiation injury.

Thermal imaging diagnosis system

By receiving infrared imaging from the human body, there is no damage to the human body.

Diagnostic screening:

Preliminary screening of health population census.

Early diagnosis of tumor includes breast cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and so on.

The diagnosis of cerebral vascular disease, upper limb venous obstruction syndrome and varicosity of the early disturbance of blood circulation.

The diagnosis of inflammatory disease tenosynovitis, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, ankylosing spondylitis, prostatitis.

The diagnosis of painful diseases neuralgia, headache, joint pain, neck and back pain.

Peripheral nerve diseases were diagnosed as migraine, facial paralysis, hemifacial spasm, spinal cord injury, and so on.

“Internal Gamma knife” minimally invasive treatment

To achieve the ideal target of radiotherapy, “follow the target, conformal and accurate”

Minimally invasive surgery is a minimally invasive technique to reduce surgical trauma, shorten the operation time and reduce postoperative complications.

When the important organs of the important organ tumor invasion and invasion of the adjacent important organs can not be eradicated by excision, it can be eradicated by particle implantation.

The analgesic effect is obvious in the patients with tumor. The treatment of advanced pain of bone metastases and pancreatic cancer is fast, and it can be relieved for 24-48 hours.

Retain human form and retain the function and form of human body. For example, this method is used to replace conventional prostate cancer surgery to ensure the normal function of the patient’s body.

Multipolar radiofrequency ablation for tumor treatment

The patients have little injury, less pain and quick recovery. The cold polar radiofrequency needle diameter is 2mm. After surgery, it can only be simply bandaged. After 2-6 hours, patient can move out of bed freely and after observe 1-2 days, he can be discharged from hospital and greatly improve the quality of life of postoperative patients.

1 for less than 6cm in diameter of malignant solid tumors, such as the treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, uterine fibroids etc..

2 the location of the tumor is poor, old and weak, or other diseases can not be tolerated by surgical excision.

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