Most of this disease has poor prognosis. The prognosis of SMA- type I was the worst, and about 95% died in the 18 months after birth. SMA- type II has a relatively benign course of disease, most of which can live to childhood and live to adulthood individually. The prognosis of SMA- type III is good, especially in women. Life usually reaches adulthood, and many patients have normal life expectancy. More severe cases are often male patients. The prognosis of SMA- IV is relatively good, and the ability to walk often can be maintained for a lifetime. The natural course of chronic asymmetric SMA is longer, even more than 30 years.


1. Adjust daily life and workload, exercise and exercise regularly to avoid fatigue.

2. Maintain emotional stability, avoid emotional excitement and tension.

3. Keep a smooth stool, avoid hard stool, eat more fruit and high cellulose food.

4.Avoid cold stimulation and keep warm.

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Post time: Mar-28-2018
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