Scleroderma prevention

1.Disability analysis

(1) Scleroderma lesions can occur in all organs and organs that are structurally and functionally related to connective tissue and have a vascular network. Currently, there are no effective methods to prevent the development of lesions.

(2) If the area of the skin is hard and changes widely, the muscle or even the skeletal muscle under the skin lesions may be diseased, affecting the degree of joint activity. The joint may contract deformity.

2.Crowd prevention

 High-risk groups refer to people exposed to coal mines, metal mines, silicon mines and chemical workers. Such personnel should be more aware of their protection and work hard to protect them regularly.

3.Personal prevention

Now most people think this disease is likely to be genetic factors, coupled with long-lasting chronic infection caused by an autoimmune disease. In some cases often overlap with systemic lupus erythematosus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome and so on, so the above risk factors should pay more attention to prevention.

remove the infection, pay attention to health, enhance physical activity, improve their immune function.

rules of life, work and rest, feeling comfortable and avoid strong mental stimulation.

strengthen nutrition, fasting, pay attention to warming.

early diagnosis: According to the typical diagnosis of skin sclerosis and systemic damage.

early treatment: available glucocorticoid or suspension for intradermal injection. Adhere to physical therapy and physical therapy, such as audio, wax therapy, to improve limb contracture, increase physical function, or long-term oral vitamin E.

Progressive systemic scleroderma progress is slow, and some have their own tendency to ease, do not easily stop or give up treatment.

pay attention to exercise, a reasonable pattern of life, to avoid emotional irritation and change.

At present there is no effective drug treatment of this disease, in the entire course of the disease, should actively cooperate with Chinese medicine therapy, the control of the disease is very important.

Renault phenomenon patients, should pay attention to heat, to avoid cold stimulation.

No smoking.

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