Nutrition taboos

  Colon cancer eat taboo                
Should eat Reason Advice
papaya Papaya in papaya can block the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines. Can promote colon cancer recovery. Corn papaya milk dew [material] papaya 600g, fresh milk 1 cup, coconut milk half cup, sugar 200g, corn flour 3 tablespoon
Hericium erinaceus  Hericium not only has high nutritional value, but also has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer cells with polysaccharides and peptides. Match with other dishes
Mushroom It contains a kind of mushroom element, which has obvious anticancer effect. It’s good for colon cancer patients. 50 to 100 grams per day, tossed or Fried.
  Dietary taboo: 1、avoid cold and spicy food.2、avoid fried food;3、avoid smoked food  
Should not eat Reason Advice
snails The snail belongs to cold food, which can lead to the aggravation of colon cancer. Eat less rabbit meat, duck meat, eel.
crab meat The crab belongs to high protein food, because colon cancer patient constitution is poorer, the crab can cause symptom aggravate after eating. Clam, clam, puffer fish, shrimp also eat less.
salted vegetable Pickles contain nitrite carcinogens, which can lead to increased symptoms of colon cancer. Eat less pickled food
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