Introduction of Kidney Cancer

  1. Recurrent fever: about 10% to 20% of patients with kidney cancer have fever. Such as low fever with night sweats, moderate fever or high fever; The type of fever is intermittent fever (body temperature rises sharply above 39 °C, lasts for several hours or longer, then decreased in normal. After a dozen hours or a few days of intermittent rise again and repeated episodes. The body temperature is above 39 ° C and fluctuating, the temperature difference is more than 2 ° C within 24 hours). The location of kidney cancer is deep, and the inherent symptoms are difficult to recognize at an early stage, sometimes fever is the only manifestation. Kidney cancer may be thought when there is an unexplained fever in middle-aged age, accompanied by a marked increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and there are no other reasons for explanation.
  2. Anemia: anemia is one of the most common phenomena of malignant tumors, kidney cancer is more obvious.
  3. Elevated leukocytes: Patients with kidney cancer are quite prominent, some patients are even several times to 10 times more than normal people, but there is no other evidence of blood diseases.
  4. Acute left varicocele: Unlike normal varicocele, this type of varicose veins cannot retreat after lying down.
  5. Blood in the urine.
  6. Low back pain or pain in the side that doesn’t go away.


These symptoms can also come from other conditions. Seeing your doctor is the best way to find out what may be causing these symptoms.

There are several treatment options for kidney cancer. The treatment plan chosen is based on the type and stage of the cancer, as well as the age and general health of the patient. The treatments are:

  1. Surgery- includes options ranging from removal of only the cancerous section of the kidney and some surrounding normal tissue to removal of the kidney and nearby organs or areas where the tumor has spread.
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation therapy
  4. Immunotherapy
  5. Clinical trials

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