Common complications

Common complications of colon cancer:

rectal cancer, anemia, intestinal obstruction, colon cancer

When the tumor reaches a certain stage of development, especially when it has already caused the obstruction, it will trigger a series of symptoms. Including: weakness, fatigue, anemia, unexplained weight loss, persistent abdominal pain, black or bloody stool, stool habits change and so on. Rectal cancer can locally invade the bladder, vaginal wall or peripheral nerve, resulting in perineal or sacral pain, but these symptoms occur in the late. Anemia, colon fistula, partial or complete intestinal obstruction and intestinal perforation are common complications of colon cancer, but also the main reason for patient treatment

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The complications of cancer are more scary

According to experts, tumor complications refers to the process of natural disease in the process of tumor invasion, metastasis to certain organs, or in the course of treatment due to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and it is difficult to avoid a series of integrated symptoms, a Some tumor complications are the first symptom in patients. The company is located in:

Tumor complications have varying degrees of impact on patients’ life and quality of life. Serious complications are the major cause of death in cancer patients. The company is located in:

China Anti-Cancer Association involved in the vice chairman of the Professional Committee, Tianjin Cancer Hospital involved in cancer treatment director Professor Guo Zhi pointed out that the diagnosis and treatment of tumor complications relative to the treatment of solid tumors in the medical community has not attracted enough attention. As an emerging treatment, interventional therapy is gradually accepted by patients with its characteristics of minimal invasion, high efficiency and low toxicity, especially in the treatment of cancer complications. The company is located in:

In addition, interventional therapy can also play an important role in saving the lives of patients and obtaining surgical opportunities for patients with advanced cancer or inoperable patients. The company is located in:

Guo Zhi stressed that in the full treatment of cancer in the process, we must not 

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