Colorectal cancer prevention

Colon cancer prevention 

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death in the world. Despite great advances in the treatment of colon cancer, the 5-year survival rate of advanced colon cancer over the years has not changed much. Therefore, the significance of colon cancer prevention is increasingly important.

1primary prevention

(1) Dietary Interventions

Due to the complexity of dietary nutrient interactions, the type of diet is more important than the specific ingredients, and dietary interventions often do not work as a single factor. In addition, the occurrence and development of the tumor is a long process. Dietary intervention is also a behavioral intervention. Under the guidance of homologous theory of Chinese medicine, modern nutrition aids and co-carry out dietary intervention.

(2) chemoprevention

Chemoprevention is a new concept of tumor control proposed in recent years. It refers to the prevention of tumor development by using one or more natural or synthetic chemical agents, ie, chemopreventive agents (CPA). In a broad sense dietary intervention is also a chemical prophylaxis because it can be achieved by changing dietary habits and can therefore also be considered as a behavioral intervention. Chemopreventive agents can prevent the occurrence of tumors and suppress their development by inhibiting and blocking the formation, absorption and action of carcinogens.

(3) treatment of precancerous lesions

It is generally believed that precancerous lesions of colon cancer include adenomatous polyps, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, etc., and adenomas are particularly closely related to colon cancer.

2Secondary prevention

High-risk colon cancer screening, in order to find asymptomatic patients with precancerous tumors. To achieve early diagnosis and early treatment to improve the survival rate of patients and reduce population mortality. As screening can not only detect early colon cancer, colon cancer can also be found in precancerous lesions

(1) anal fingering:

(2) fecal occult blood test:

(3) Immunization:

(4) sigmoidoscopy:

(5) colonoscopy:

3Third-level prevention

 Active treatment of patients with clinical oncology to improve the quality of life of patients and prolong survival.


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Sedentary + bad diet white-collar colorectal cancer

In a report released by WHO, it is stated that more than 2 million people die each year because of prolonged immobility. The report also predicts that by 2020, 70% of the world’s diseases will be caused by sitting too long and losing exercise. Among them, colorectal cancer is a “sedentary” closely related to the high fatality rate of the disease. In a few days ago China Anti-Cancer Association, sanofi? Avent co-sponsored “standardize the spread of health,” Chinese gastrointestinal cancer advocacy month to start the meeting, the Chinese anti-cancer Association, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Ruijin Hospital, Professor Zhu Zhenggang said, Colorectal cancer can be directly prevented, as long as people from the bit by bit life habits, try to “tighten the fence,” you can be such a cancer out of doors.

Watch out: desk work cancer

Zhang Xiao network editor is the highlight of the work is responsible for all kinds of online games reviews, sit down for a few days. Even if the holiday, he also “reluctant” to go out in the supermarket to buy a variety of canned processed foods or call fast food takeout. Day after day, he simply put “bench to wear.” Not long ago, Zhang appeared in the blood in the stool, constipation and loose stools, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Go to the hospital to check that, even suffering from early colorectal cancer.

According to experts, a number of studies at home and abroad have found that those who sedentary office people suffering from colon cancer risk was significantly higher than those who exercise regularly and manual workers. This is because long-term sit-in at the desk, the human intestinal peristalsis slowed down, the harmful components in the stool, including carcinogens, stranded in the colon and stimulate the intestinal mucosa; plus semen peritoneal, pelvic, waist blood Poor circulation can lead to a decrease in intestinal immune barrier function – all of which increase the risk of colon cancer. Therefore, some experts call this type of colon cancer sitting in front of the desk a “desk work cancer.” Experts said that “weekly exercise can effectively prevent colorectal cancer.”

Cancer Prevention: Starting from “eating”

Old Zhou opened an advertising company. Business start-ups, customers join, Old Week often a copy, with a bunch of young people full input, completely attend to seriously eat a meal. Often called takeaway, a few chicken legs add bottle of drink to fool meal. This “working meal” lasted for two years.


Seeing the growing size of the company, the old week finally able to rest, however, he suddenly began to stool. He initially mistakenly thought hemorrhoids, did not care too much, but over time, the symptoms of blood in the stool day by day. Go to the hospital for a check, immediately diagnosed with rectal cancer.

High-fat, high-protein, low-fiber foods have always led to high levels of many cancers. Fruits and vegetables are the “green barrier” to prevent this kind of cancer. Lack of diet taking, excrement in the intestine will stay longer, resulting in intestinal reabsorption of waste, causing carcinogens in the stool to stimulate the intestinal wall for a long time. The fruits and vegetables provided by vegetables and fruits known as the intestinal cleaner, it is like a small brush to promote intestinal peristalsis, cleaning the intestinal waste and waste, reducing the intestinal carcinogens residence time, thereby reducing Risk of colorectal cancer. The American Association for the Prevention of Cancer recommends daily intake of 30 to 40 grams of dietary fiber; the standard daily intake of Japanese under 70 is 19 to 27 grams per day; our recommended standard is 30 grams of daily dietary fiber.

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