Rheumatic medicine

Initiation of a series of effective TCM preparations:

1) Xianling Huoluo Powder: It warms to dissipate the congealed cold, detoxifies and removes stasis. It is used for scleroderma diagnosed with cold coagulation and blood stasis, manifesting stiff, thick and edematous skin with gloss of wax, muscle atrophy, limited motor function, paucity of facial expressions, loss of the ability to close eyes, acrocyanosis, arthralgia and squamous and dry skin, etc.

2) Dangui Huoluo Powder: It clears the heat and toxic materials.  It is used for stiff, thick, swollen and hard skin caused by scleroderma with toxic heat and blood stasis resistance, when pressed it will locally warm up, shiny like wax, with limited motor function, difficult in opening mouth, with even dysphagia, etc.

3) Shenmai Kaifei Powder: It supplements qi and nourishes yin, detoxifies and promotes blood circulation. It is used for chest distress, shortness of breath, and weak coughing sound etc. caused scleroderma diagnosed with insufficiency of qi and yin, blood stasis and toxic accumulation.

4) Shenxiang Zhuyun Powder: It invigorates the spleen and supplement qi, harmonizes stomach for descending adverse qi. It is used for scleroderma gastrointestinal lesions diagnosed with  deficient spleen and weak vital energy, stomach qi rising that cause coughing when drinking water, dysphagia, abdominal distension, stomachache, alternating diarrhea and constipation, etc.

5) Shenqi Yiqi Capsule: It benefits qi, invigorates the spleen, activates blood circulation. It is used for scleroderma patients diagnosed with qi deficiency and blood stasis, manifesting that the patients are in poor health, lassitude, short of breath, abdominal fullness and distention, decline in diet and hypoimmunity, etc.

6) Shenling Fuyuan Capsule: It invigorates the spleen and the kidney, invigorates qi and warming yang. It is used for scleroderma diagnosed with loss of Zhenyuan and weak warmth that cause insufficiency with chills, vertigo, tinnitus, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, impotence nocturnal emission.

7) Guishao Tongluo Powder: It warms yang and promotes blood circulation, removes spasmolysis, and dredges collaterals. It is used for scleroderma with stagnant coldness in meridian and vessels, and manifestations are cold limbs, acrocyanosis, changing colors from white, cyanosis to red when distally exposed to coldness, possible aggravating emotion changes, and severe patients may manifest microdactyly, inhibited bending and stretching, ulcers and gangrene, etc.

8) Shenjing Yangrong Capsule: It reinforces the vital essence and strengthening the primordial qi, nourishes and promotes tissue regeneration. It is used for scleroderma in the phase of dermatrophia with asthenia of qi and blood, and manifestations are subcutaneous tissue and muscle atrophy, skin shriveling on bones forming board like rigidity.


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