Chinese food therapy

Chinese food therapy (also called nutrition therapy and dietary therapy) is a mode of dieting rooted in Chinese beliefs concerning the effects of food on the human organism, and centered on concepts such as eating in moderation. Its basic precepts are a mix of folk views and concepts drawn from traditional Chinese medicine.

Food therapy has long been a common approach to health among people.

Diet as the most important part of life, to a large extent, affects our health. For people suffering from disease, diet is more important. For our patients, every day their diets aim at improving physical recovery, while adjusting the body, so that the body can be restored to a relatively healthy state as soon as possible,  to achieve better treatment effect.

Chinese food therapy has great effect on treating cancer, scleroderma, muscular atrophy, rheumatism, motor neuron disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, nephropathy, and other kinds of chronic diseases and severe cases.

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