Case Presentation

Cancer disease

Case number one:

Mr Xiao,67 years old, primary liver cancer, AFP1000u/ml, abdominal CT: giant liver cancer, with focal form, lump existed right inferior vena cava and portal vein, and invasion the liver capsule with subcapsular effusion, cirrhosis, portal vein broadening, cholecystitis, drainage around the gallbladder, one accessory spleen. Provided interventional embolization + Chinese medicine and other integrated treatments. Effect obvious.


Case number two:

Fan Yusuo, male, 57, right lung cancer, pathology of squamous cell carcinoma, the tumor encroaches the pulmonary artery, and lost the chance for operation, radiotherapy is also contraindicated.

Provide him integrated treatment, part of the treatment includes: medicine+Interventional+hyperthermia.

Now efficacy evaluation CR( full remission ),till now survive more than 3 years, live normally. 

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Wang Moumou, male, 54 years old, Shijiazhuang. He was admitted to hospital in July 2010 because of numbness at his extremities and weakness for more than one year.

In July 2009, the patient complained of numbness of her toes after blowing air-conditioning in her complaint, and soon there was numbness in both fingers, which was not valued. September to the south on a business trip, there was fever, antibiotic treatment fever back, hand-foot numbness symptoms gradually to the proximal development, and accompanied by weakness, walking is acceptable, to the provincial hospital to check the skull and cervical vertebrae no exception, to the peace hospital check The lumbar spine showed "lumbar 2-3 intraspinal neurofibroma", and myoelectricity showed "distal nerve abnormality in the distal muscle." In November, he went to Tiantan Hospital to perform nerve sheath tumor resection.

Postoperative weight loss was 20 jins, numbness in the extremities gradually increased, walking instability, normal urine, unconsciousness disorder, and there was water between the cough, binocular vision with small horizontal nystagmus, February 2010 to the provincial hospital , Check myoelectricity shows "symmetry, distal motor axons, myelin lesions, sensory nerves completely damaged", bilateral normal evoked potentials, abnormal brainstem-auditory evoked potential, pure tone audiometry shows binaural nerves Sexual spasm, pathological "chronic neuropathy" of the left sural nerve biopsy, diagnosed as "Green-Ballie syndrome",Give large-dose gamma bulbs, reduce hormones and nourish nerves, improve circulation treatment, eliminate the symptoms of phlegm, reduce numbness in limbs, recover from weight loss, and walk outdoors. After discharge, the condition was relatively stable, the symptoms of numbness at the ends of the extremities were still obvious, the weakness was below the knees, the walking was unstable, and it was difficult to stand up with eyes closed or walking at night, so I came to our hospital for treatment.

After 4 weeks’ treatment in our hospital: Symptoms of numbness at the end of the hands and feet are improved, and the flexion of the foot is 4th grade, and the walking is stable. Follow-up: so far no recurrence, normal life and work. Because of limited space, we cannot show more of our therapies. If you want to know the specific treatment, you can contact us by email.

Kidney disease

Can you order Chinese medicine treatment to abroad?

Frankly speaking, simple Chinese medications are seen in every country, as long as there is Chinese medicine shop. However, the systematic Chinese medicine treatments is not available abroad. As they will be made depending on your specific illness condition. And that is why we will ask your medical reports during the communication, so that we can analyze your condition in details and then make treatment plan.


What functions does Chinese medicine have?

During the whole treatments, Chinese medicines play the following therapeutic effects:

1. Expanding blood vessels all over the body

2. Increasing the blood flow into kidneys and improving the blood circulation

3. Nourishing blood and removing stasis

4. Providing adequate nutrients and oxygen to the kidneys

5. Increasing the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells

6. Strengthening Qi, one important energy, in the body

7. Improving kidney filtration rate


In 2 weeks treatment, African diabetes patient has received Integrated treating items. All the staff are glad to see she is getting better.

TCM treatment technology, TCM decoction, medicated five-element bath, necessary western medicine....


Maybe You can see Massage anywhere, however, what we have is Tuina, which works on the inner organs, inner systems, not only massage on the skin or muscle; maybe You can see Acupuncture everywhere, however, every acupoint, every angle, every depth of needles work; maybe you can see medicated bath everywhere, however, we use five-element theory to guide, based on specific body condition, so that help with patient himself.

Effect can speak.

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