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Yiling Group Company is one China national level key high and new technology enterprise. It was founded by Professor Wu Yiling, academician, a tutor of doctoral students in 1992.


With the guidance of “Diagnosis and Treating Method of TCM Collateral Disease” which is praised as Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Yiling company group sticks to the principle of taking TCM academic development to impetus industrialization, taking technology as the forerunner, market as the guide, and built operational “Five in One” mode as integrating scientific research, clinical practices, production, marketing and teaching together.


What’s more, Yiling has a strong research team, which is composed of 29 academicians in China, other elite including experts returned, foreign experts, doctors, masters and all kinds of professional personnel.


Yiling pharmaceutical company, Chinese pharmaceutical listed companies 50 (Stock Code: 002603), owns the modern product line for capsule, soft capsule, tablet, granule, liquid injection etc, has researched a serious of products, including: TCM, health care products, western formulations and TCM slices etc.


Some patent drugs especially for tumor(anticancer)—YangZhengXiaoJi(加链接)Capsule, which has obvious and strong effect for cancer patients. In October 2017, the Medical Research Center, established by Yiling Group Company and the Cardiff University in the UK has been founded for 4 years.

The center develops deep communication and cooperation in the Chinese medicine against tumor research, clinical application & sharing of market resources. It developed deep system research in Chinese medicine YangZhengXiaoJi Capsule, which has proved that can effectively inhibit a variety of tumor metastasis, inhibit renewed blood vessels in tumor, under the guidance of collateral disease theory.

ShenLingLan, another kind of anticancer drug, precious ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine is suitable for the patients with two deficiency of spleen and kidney, blood stasis and toxin accumulation before and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It can improve mental fatigue, fatigue, laziness, body weight and so on.

JinLiDa granule, for type 2 diabetes mellitus Qi and yin deficiency syndrome, the symptoms: thirsty to drink, polyorexia, urine, the body gradually thin, fatigue, sweating, Fanre, constipation etc.

Bazi tonifying kidney capsules, kidney tonifying and warming yang. Applicable to kidney yang deficiency caused by the waist and knee pain, dizziness and tinnitus, Shenpi fatigue, forgetfulness, aversion to cold.

Jujuboside Oil capsule. One kind health food made into capsule shape, Zizyphus jujube kernel oil can shorten the time of sleep latency, and increase the time and degree of slow wave sleep, namely shallow sleep and deep sleep. It really works. Many papers have been reported.

By now, Yiling products have been exported to South Korea, Vietnam, England, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia and so on.


Yiling Hospital after 20 years of development by leaps and bounds has become a modern, integrated Chinese and Western medicine combined hospital which is the highest level working on TCM in China.


Treatment of muscle atrophy new study of the prevention and control of the Chinese national traditional Chinese medicine administration specialist focus - muscle atrophy for national traditional Chinese medicine administration specialist focus, the muscle atrophy continuing education base, dedicated to motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy disease and multiple sclerosis and other neurological illnesses.


Department of rheumatology for Hebei Province key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, the use of internal and external treatment, and achieved a good effect in the treatment of scleroderma, polymyositis, Sjogren syndrome, Behcet's disease, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, ankylosing spondylitis disease by the combination of global and local.

Oncology department(加链接) combines TCM and western medicine together, successfully treated thousands of cancer patients all over the world. For different stages of cancer patients adopt different treating methods, to help patients improve immune system, improve WBC, improve living quality and prolong life. Especially good at treating Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer and other cancers.

Angiocardiopathy Department, a key National TCM Clinical department, researches and develops a series of medicine under the guidance of the vein theory of academician Wu Yiling to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease by combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, especially for coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and chronic heart failure. Both manifestation and root cause of disease can be treated, and the medical features are prominent.

Diabetes Department, a key one of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, raises a new concept of “to cure the diabetes mellitus from the standpoint of spleen theory” and formulates the new method of “nourishing spleen and body fluid smoothing vein” to treat diabetes and vascular complications under the guidance of vein theory. The curative effect is remarkable.


Yiling Health Center: Yiling Health Town with ‘dredging collateral health preservation culture’ as the guidance has mixing health preservation cultural experience, health preservation project experience, health management, featured drugs, health sleep, health preservation and holiday-spending, health shopping and business exhibition and one-stop platform for health preservation.

A five star hotel, the first health theme hotel in China, has Chinese restaurant and Western food restaurant, there is health shopping mall in it. The core function, the most special thing about Yiling Health Center, in it works TCM specialists and different experts working on different diseases.

Here you can experience the most comfortable living environment, the most responsible and experienced experts will take care your health.


Yiling Medical Examination Center, a modern health examination, it has environmentally elegant health management center with advanced facilities so that you can enjoy the VIP treatment.

Characteristics investigation projects include: check network and diagnose, eagles play the health status of the body scanning, vein whole blood vessel detection, a drop of blood detection, gene detection, diabetes risk screening, TCM Constitution identification.


Yiling International Travel Agency, provides visa service, insurance conselltion, tickets, hotel booking service, international tourism service and other travel agency service items.



For patients: you can come and get the integrated treatment, both TCM & Western Medicine, and food, accommodation, exercises, psychotherapy, all aspects affecting health can be taken into our treatment plan.

For sub-health people: you are healthy, just not healthy enough, you need a good rest, suitable regulating about your health, come and live in Yiling Health Center, we will use TCM to take care of you.

For people who need regular medical examination: come and get the medical trip, we will be your health management expert all your life. We will alarm early warning for your health, treat the sub-health before it comes into disease.

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